The KU Card Center is now located in Carruth O'Leary. We are open by appointment only. Walk-in appointments are not allowed. See our Appointments page for further information. Staff continues to work remotely as well and is available for assistance by phone at 785-864-3322 or by email at


KU Card Center is continuing to work remote due to the COVID-19 situation.

If you feel your situation requires an in-person visit, we are available for appointments from 10:00am - 3:00pm.  Walk-in visits are not allowed.  You can schedule an appointment through the QLess app or website.  See the QLess page for information on using the app or website.

In-Person Appointments

Before your appointment:

Download the CVKey App to a mobile device and set up your profile. (Required for entry into building)

  • The CVKey app asks asks questions regarding your current state of health and your travel history.  If your answers meet the required health status, the app will generate a QR code for you to scan at building entrances.
  • No personal health data is shared or stored outside the mobile device.  The only information the QR code provides when scanned is a simple yes or no indication of whether your health assessment meets the criteria to enter the building that day. Learn More


Appointment Requirements:

  • CVKey is required for entry to the building.
  • Masks must be worn while in the building or within 6 feet of others.
  • 2 person limit for each appointment. Each person must complete their own CVKey assessment.


Upon Arrival:

  1. The QLess system will update your position and wait time for your appointment.  Please arrive on-time.
  2. Complete your CVKey health assessment and have your QR code ready when you get to the building.
  3. Go to the accessible entrance in the back of the building (east side near the parking meters).  The doors are locked.
  4. Call Student Accounts & Receivables at 785-864-3322 to let us know you have arrived.
  5. A staff member will let you in to scan your QR code and proceed to the office.
    1. Other staff in the building may not let you in since offices are by appointment only.
    2. Masks are required before entering the building.


Please note:

  • All stairways are one-way and have signs to indicate direction.
    • The stairway in the middle of the building is to go up.
    • The stairways at each end of the building are to go down.
  • The elevator is accessible and should only carry one person at a time.
  • The water fountains are disabled, but a bottle refill station is available.
  • Drink machines are not currently stocked.
  • Restrooms are open and should be limited to one person at a time.
  • Hand sanitizer is available in our office and throughout the building.