The KU Card Center is now open by appointment only while the KU community addresses the ever evolving COVID-19 situation.  We will continue responding to emails and phone messages as soon as possible to address your questions and concerns.  Please follow the website links provided to upload a photo for a new card, if you need a replacement card, or for general information on the KU Card Center operations.

Card Uses

The KU Card is your official identification card at the University of Kansas. It should be carried with you at all times and available to present to university officials upon request. In addition to visual presentation, your KU Card may be required to access University services via an electronic card reader. You may need to present your KU Card when:

  • Utilizing University Library services
  • Entering residence halls, the student recreation center, and other university buildings
  • Purchasing tickets for and being admitted to University events (i.e. Lied Center performances, Intercollegiate Athletics, etc.)
  • Access to parking
  • Participating in intramural sports programs
  • Requesting Watkins Health Services
  • Requesting Legal Services
  • Access to newspapers through the Newspaper Readership Program (students only)
  • Accessing your KU Cuisine meal plan and dining dollars account

Cards will be confiscated if presented by someone other than the cardholder, or if the card is involved in inappropriate or illegal use. Fraudulent use of the card will result in disciplinary action. KU Cards are not to be collected and held as collateral for the temporary use of equipment, services, etc.