Recharge Card Overview


If you want to limit the amount of cash/coins that you need to carry, consider adding money to your KU Card Beak ‘Em Bucks account. Beak ‘Em Bucks is automatically set up for you when the card is issued. It is a secure, convenient, and reliable stored-value account that can be used on campus at the KU Bookstore, and for photocopying, printing, laundry, and food purchases. It can also be used at some off-campus merchant locations, and for pizza delivery.

There are no refunds issued for Beak ‘Em Bucks deposits except in cases of withdrawal, transfer, or graduation from The University of Kansas. Money remaining in the account at the end of the semester will be available to you the following semester. Cash withdrawals from this account are not allowed.

There are three easy and convenient methods for adding money to your Beak ‘Em Bucks account. If you add money to this account, it is assumed that you have read and agree to the refund policy and disclosure statement, which are available on this Website under Policies & Procedures.


Recharge Online

Login to the KU Card Recharge page to recharge your KU Card Beak ‘Em Bucks accounts.

PLEASE NOTE: If pop-ups are blocked on your PC, hold down on the “Ctrl” key as you click on the Make a Payment bar. Please call the KU Card Center at 785-864-3322, if you have any questions.

Students can delegate access to a parent or guardian to view specific pages on their Enroll & Pay account, including making payments on behalf of the student.  This access can be granted and revoked, as needed. To set this up, log on to Enroll & Pay. Click on the Delegation folder in the main menu followed by the Set Up Delegates link, and follow the instructions