About the KU Card

The KU Card is the official identification card for students, faculty, staff and other members of the KU community. It is used for access at some KU events and can be used to log into campus multifunction printers.

When connected to a Beak 'em Bucks account, the KU Card can be used to make purchases on campus and at some off-campus partner locations.

Card Features

Front and back of KU Card with areas pointing to features

ISO Number

The 16-digit number printed on the front of the KU card is also encoded on the magnetic stripe on the back of the card. It is an identification number used when scanning the card for services and activities on campus. If a card must be replaced, the cardholder will be issued a new ISO Number.

KU ID Number

This 7-digit KU ID number is used to identify students at the University of Kansas. The KU ID number is referenced by many campus departments when providing service and support to students. KU Cards for faculty and staff do not have a KU ID number printed on them.

Magnetic Stripe

The magnetic stripe carries information about the cardholder's status at the university. Students who are enrolled for the current semester and employees who have an active job status can use the KU Card for access to the KU Libraries and recreational facilities. Students who live in the residence halls can use their KU Card to gain access to their residence hall. Students with meal plans will use their cards to eat in the residence hall dining centers and campus retail locations. The KU Card can also be used in residence hall laundry facilities.

The magnetic stripe is also used for Beak ‘Em Bucks, a voluntary payment account, which can be used at campus dining locations, residence hall dining centers, campus snack bars and convenience stores, the KU Bookstore, pizza delivery, and at select off-campus merchant locations. It can also be used for photocopying and printing in the Libraries.

Some campus buildings have card readers at entrances that provide faculty and staff after-hours access if they work in the building.

Proper Card Care

It is important to take good card of your KU Card and protect it from damage. Damaged cards may incur a $26 replacement fee.

Please DO NOT :

  • Apply labels or stickers to your card.
  • Bend, mark, or otherwise deface your card.
  • Punch holes in your card.
  • Scratch the magnetic stripe on your card.
  • Use your card for anything other than what it is intended.
  • Lend your card to a friend or fellow student.