Request a Replacement KU Card

Was Your KU Card Lost or Stolen?

If your KU card was lost or stolen, please report it immediately in the KU Web Card Center or by contacting us at 785-864-3322 or After reporting your card is missing, select the button below to request a new card.

Requesting a Replacement Card

Depending on the reason for a replacement KU Card, you may be responsible for a $26 charge.

To request a replacement card due to a lost/stolen or damaged card, choose that option under the reason for replacement and make a note in the “Comments” section for us to evaluate if a charge is warranted. If your department is paying for the replacement card, your supervisor should complete the request form.

To request a replacement card due to "gender affirmation" reasons (e.g., updating a name or photo that more accurately reflects your identity) and have your replacement card paid for through Student Senate fees, you MUST select "Gender Affirmation" as the Reason for Replacement. *Note*, your legal name will automatically populate on the webform, however, there is a field called "Preferred Name For Card" where you can type in the name you would like included on the replacement card. For additional information simply visit  The Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity website Under the KU Campus ID Card – Preferred Name & Photo section.

Replacement Card Permissions and Access:

Your newly issued replacement card inactivates your previous card, including access to campus residence halls and other campus locations you have been granted entry into.  Please inform the building manager when you obtain a replacement card so that your access will not be interrupted.


Submitting a new photo is optional for replacement cards unless the previous photo is outdated. If you want a new photo with your replacement card, please leave a message in the "Comments" section advising you have uploaded your new photo. See below for photo guidelines and instructions on uploading your photo.

How to Pick Up Your Replacement Card

The KU Card Center processes card requests daily. You will receive an email confirmation advising when and where to pick up your card.  See the KU Card Pick Up page for more information.

Photo Guidelines and Instructions

Review and follow the information below when taking and uploading a photo for your KU Card.

Photo Guidelines & Instructions


Your picture should be similar to a driver's license or passport picture.

  • Face straight ahead. Your forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, and chin must be visible.
  • Your full head and upper shoulders/chest should be centered in the middle of image.
    • Do not cut off top of head or cut off at throat.
  • Present a pleasant look or smile
  • If you wear prescription glasses, please make sure there is no glare and that your eyes are visible through the lens.
  • No sunglasses or tinted lenses that are too dark.
  • No caps, hats, or headbands should be worn.
  • Head coverings are allowed for religious purposes, but no face-covering veils.

The final photo will be square. See technical specifications below for size and cropping. You can crop your photo before uploading, or crop it in the Web Card Center after uploading.


  • Photo must be JPG  format.
    iOS devices do not typically use JPG format. Follow these steps to convert the image format to JPG:
    • Go to Settings > Camera > Formats
    • Change default file save type to "Most Compatible," which should save as JPG.
    • Earlier versions of iOS can download PNG<-->JPG program to convert the photo.
  • Use either a solid White or KU Blue background.
    • There are apps available for both iOS and Android devices (search for "photo background remover")
  • Picture size.
    • Save Width = 300
    • Save Height = 300
    • View Height = 150
    • Max Upload Pixels = 1,048,576
  1. Log into the Web Card Center.
  2. Select "ID Photo" in the menu.
  3. Select "Upload Photo" under the "Upload New Photo" section.
  4. Navigate to find your photo on your device. (Photo format must be JPG.)
  5. Crop your photo, if needed.
  6. Select "Submit"
  7. Under "Submit this Photo for Approval?" select "Submit." [view screenshot]