The KU Card Center is currently closed until further notice while the KU community addresses the ever evolving COVID-19 situation. Because of our absence we will be checking emails and phone messages from remote locations. We will contact you as soon as possible to address your questions/concerns.

In the meantime, we suggest you check our website for information that may be helpful to you. We care about our customers and will help as much as possible.  While we follow guidelines and directives given by the University, we thank you for your patience and understanding while we all care for ourselves and our loved ones.

Submit Your KU Card Photo

**When uploading your photo you must also upload your identification or your submission will not be received.**

To submit your photo online for your KUID card you must login to the Web Card Center.  There you can begin setting your notification preferences and submit your photo. Setting your notification preferences will determine how you are notified once your photo is submitted, if your photo was approved or denied and how your card will reach you. Once your preferences has been set please use the below guidelines to select and upload a photo you would like to use for your KUID Card and image of identification. Photo submission is also located on the same page as Notification Preferences. At each step of the online photo submission you will be notified giving information when and where your card may be picked up.

Students: Before a KUID Card can be issued (or photo submitted) Students must be admitted and registered for the current semester to be eligible for a KUID Card.
Employees: Before a KUID Card can be issued (or photo submitted), an active employment status must appear in the HR system. This usually appears within 48 to 72 hours the day after the employee’s new hire information is entered and a record is established.
**For employees who may be changing a status that requires a new card please upload your new photo as well as complete a replacement form under the "Replace A Card" tab. On the replacement form please indicate in the comments section you are applying for a new card with a different status to avoid any charges for a new card. Please be clear in naming the reason for new card. Examples: Student to Employee, Retiree or 4 year replacement.**
New Residence Hall  Students: Card distribution will be done on move in day.

Photo Guidelines & Tips

  • Please use either a solid White or KU Blue background. If you wear reading glasses, please take steps to ensure there is no glare and that eyes are visible through the lens.
  • The final photo will be square. You can crop this ahead of time, or crop it after uploading your photo through the site.
  • There are apps available for both iPhones and Android devices (search for "photo background remover")
  • No caps, hats, or headbands should be worn.
  • No sunglasses or glasses that are too dark.
  • Full head and upper shoulders/chest should be centered in the middle of image. (Do not cut off top of head or make photo to short cutting off at throat),
  • Face straight ahead with eyes visible.
  • Present a pleasant look or smile.
  • Head coverings are allowed for religious purposes, but no face-covering veils. The forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, and chin must be visible.
  • Photos will be approved in the same manner as a driver’s license or passport. 
  • Once a usable photo has been accepted you will receive a confirmation based on your notification preferences. 
  • Once your photos has been accepted and card printed the charge will be applied to your account**
  • Forms of identification accepted:
    • Driver’s License
    • State ID
    • Passport/Passport Card
    • Military ID
    • Green Card
    • Tribal Card
    • **** All forms must be non-expired.

Uploading Your Photo

  1. Login to the KU Web Card Center
  2. Click Notification Preferences
    Web Card Center Menu Screenshot - Notification Preference
  3. Add your Email and or Phone Number and click "Save" (this will alert you when your photo has been approved).
  4. Click "Submit ID Photo"
    Web Card Center Menu Screenshot - Submit ID Photo
  5. Click "Upload Photo"
    Upload Photo Screen
  6. Upload your photo by clicking "Choose File" (language may differ depending on your web browser)
    Choose file screenshot
  7. Drag and outline the crop tool to crop your image (if needed), and click "Submit"
  8. Click "Submit" to submit your photo for approval
    Approval Screenshot

Uploading Your Identification

  1. Login to the KU Web Card Center
  2. Click "Submit ID Photo"
    Screenshot of Menu - Submit ID Photo
  3. Click "Upload ID"
    Screenshot of Upload ID page
  4. Upload a photo of your identification. Please provide an image of either:  your driver’s license, State ID, passport/ passport card, military ID, Green Card or Tribal Card.

    Choose file screenshot
  5. Crop the image to an appropriate size so that the entire ID is within the photo, and click "Submit"

    Screenshot of ID crop
  6. You should now see your ID in the "Submit ID Photo" page
    Screenshot of current ID Document